Walking with darkness and light

I am at a retreat this weekend.  A special one with peers that I have walked the last 10 years with in some cases.  Others the last 6 or so. We all are striving for the same things.  Deep emotional connections with ourselves and others.  We all have our stories. Triumphs losses tears and love.  I am grateful to be able to take Time from work home family to recalibrate.  I need to saturate my soul in sunrises and sunsets. I desire to hear others experiences of the last few years.  Mine has been full.  Full of the startup world. Full of airports and hotel beds.  A great experience.  But has taken much time and energy away from being grounded in my soul.  No fault and much learned.  It’s just I am yearning to dig deep again.  Remember this is all a spiritual experience.  There is something to be in amazement of every day.  There is light in the darkness. And when there is light it’s difficult to hide.  That’s part of my work this weekend.  Stay where the light is. Grow in all the ways that expand my view my world and my heart.  Join me in opening the spaces that need some light and stillness