I have always had a thirst for the spiritual side of life–

soul connection, truth, and intimacy. Even as a young child I would search out others I coul have a conversation with young and old. For the past 25 years I have dedicated myself to really digging in to my growth emotionally and spiritually.



In my life experience I have at times given too much, done too much, been the enabler, the caregiver, and lost myself in those relationships. Yet, all those very experiences have helped me grow and to develop my Human Becoming. It takes work to have self-care, be centered and in the present moment.



All of us need someone to listen and to care. 
I personally believe we are all Heart and Soul connected. All of our actions have the power to affect one another.



Let me help you leave Heart Prints in your life and with those you love and care for– but most importantly for yourself. 

Learn to live your life with intention.