Angry People

 One of the hardest things for me is angry people.  

There are so many layers to it.  First for me I take it all on. Figure I could have done better  I know after years of working on this it comes from having an angry father. For that matter my mother was too.  He could not talk about his feelings.  Took it out with drinking and long moody silences.  That were always everyone else's fault   My mother was angry with my father.  Angry at his inability to love. Be loved.  They were not always this way.  They became angry beings.  In my life now as an adult I seem to continue to have this lesson.  I don't feel like a victim. Rather more like a strange science experiment.  

When I am confronted with this in my life now,  I still do immediately feel like the child that had caused some issue.  I will remove myself. Work on working through it. Think about what might be going on for the other person. 4 agreements. Take nothing personal. Still work.  Still need to remain awake.  Aware. I wonder at times why I do get to keep practicing this particular life lesson.  A spouse that has lots of self inflicted stress. An adult child that lashes out.  A mother of a child I adore. Yet she is most angry.  And feels very justified. Where in all of it do I stand tall. But able to bend like the willow tree?

I feel sorry for their strife and lack of awareness.  Remembering in all of this.  I do not need to be at the receiving end of not being respected or treated kindly. I will keep being me. Keep working on the light.  Praying for others as well as myself to show grace and forgiveness.




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