Mom and Alzheimer's

Isn't it amazing how much family is our teacher?  When I reflect back over the previous years life has been full of learning.  My relationship with my parents, my brother, husbands, lovers, children, friends.
Even though I have been through some tough times as a child of an alcoholic parent -nothing has compared to the care-giving of a mom I loved dearly succumb to Alzheimer's.

The lessons and gifts that were part of the 3 years are insurmountable.  My mom knew she was losing it as she would say.  Even up to the end she had awareness -still recognized me.  There was one day near the end she had been asleep and upon awakening she thought I was my daughter.  I waited patiently ~ she looked at me again and said oh Korey it's you.  You are so young!  I asked how old she thought I was.  She said 32-- I was 48 .  And feeling tired and old from the process we both had been going through~I had to laugh till I cried.

 ~ Which was how most days could be.

Because of my mom I love intensely, because my mom was honest with me - it taught me to be honest, she loved my children like no other.  It has taken me 31/2 years to write anything about her.  

The healing has taken awhile. She is the reason I have become a Spiritual and Life Coach.  My desire to share and love other people through the process of having aging parents.  To work through their own ache for understanding of a disease that shows little mercy. Dignity and respect are the most important things to remember for your parent and for the family.

And in the spirit of finding some humor and love ~  My son said at one point to me "Well we all work to be present --but she has it down she is really in the moment"   


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