Great Teachers and Mentors

David Simon 1951-2012

Yesterday one of my great teachers and mentors transitioned from the earth plane.  Hard yes for those of us here -not able to speak with him in person or attend a class with the Chopra Center.  David had an amazing ability to blend humor with the seriousness life can bring.
I am so grateful that I was able to attend Journey into Healing -where David spoke with me about the journey I had been on with my mom and her Alzheimer's.    Free to Love Free to Heal -where we worked the weekend to write and grieve our stories --only to realize with gentle humor that our stories can get old for even us!! Imagine how others feel hearing it over and over and over!!
His testimony to living a life of self reflection -choosing a miracle or a grievance in every day life will be with me always. 

Love and Light ~

One of David's favorite poems:

The Sun Never Says
all this time
the sun never says to the earth,
“You owe me.”
what happens
with a love like that —
It lights the whole world


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