I am fortunate enough to be sitting in Bodega Bay watching a pacific sunset. So fortunate. This last month has brought personal challenges. My husband was laid off his job. He is amazing and did an amazing job with his people and his customers. It s a non sensical event. But who am I to decide? There is always a plan. So much bigger than us. Bigger than our understanding. We are here at a friends home that she is kind enough to share to take a deep breath.

Make some plans. Reconnect. 

As I watch the sunset~how it does what it does no matter what~ I know that there is a divine plan for all of us. We have very little control in the grand scheme of life. But if we work from honesty, integrity, and our hearts we are on the best possible path we can be on. Others can make decisions that make no sense ~ or that are ego centered for them. The sun is going to rise and set without any thought on our part. But completely with divine planning and attention to detail.

What is there to question?


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