New Year - New Intentions

Last year for me had many growth moments and some that seemed to go on for weeks:)  My heart is all about helping others -but in that how much do I help myself?  Such is the struggle for many in this world -but even more in the Spiritual ~ coaching~ mentoring ~ role.  So I sent out the intention!  I needed more people from my TRIBE~  And the universe has sent them -Artists~Coaches~ writers~ astrologers~  all gifted and amazing~
More amazing ~ and I am ALL~ WAYS amazed -is how quickly when intentions are truly spoken, written or visualized they happen.  These are the MIRACLES!!
So this is my birthday month ~ January -JanusNew beginnings ~  I will be setting my intentions for 2012 and continue through out the year~

First one ~  Make time just for me and spirit every morning~  and we will see what comes from that!!
Share yours with me ~ 


What are your deepest desires?  Bucket list~ call it what you want.  I have mine.  I carry it with me everyday.  I try to to think about it at some point.  Not just when my head hits the pillow ~ and I realize that I have done nothing off my desire, intention list.
Life can just kind of fly by in a blink.  With all our technology, easy ways to cook, immediate gratification. We can forget to savor it.  Do something that is a desire, a longing.  Here are a few

Learn a language

Plan a trip that speaks to your heart -start by being the arm chair traveler

take singing lessons

cook something that you would never try

sit with your back to the sun


read all the great novels


Here is to your intentions--your deep driving desire--simple or complex



God Moments

I have been struggling with how to get things started.  Yesterday I had God moments.  Have you ever had those?  The times when you walk away from a conversation or chance meeting and realize that only divine intervention could have been part of it. 

I ran into neighbor that I do not know very well.  We struck up a conversation about what I am doing - she happens to have a degree in Organizational Development.  We discussed public speaking, coaching etc -and now have plans to get together and discuss how we could put a workshop on.

In the evening I went to church to listen to a woman speak that has been through the fire in more ways than one.  Her love for God is something that cannot be ignored.  After her 90 minutes of sharing her story and singing she walked around and talked to some of the 250 people in the room.  I was at her table looking at her CD's and signing up to sponsor a child with World Vision.  We started talking and hit it off like we had been friends for ever.  We talked about all the things she has done and how I want to do public speaking about health, spirituality andpersonal growth. It was amazing to have someone be so supportive and encouraging.
I call these God moments because this is how God reaches us sometimes -through others.  Through their love, attention and most of all their encouragement. 

How great it is to recognize and appreciate those times!